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Our Sorrow

We lost one of our most significant founders this week, who was also a founder of National Rail Passengers’ Association and Amtrak itself. Anthony Haswell was 94, we’ll all miss Tony in so many ways.

But perhaps the best way any of us can honor him is to keep his work alive by redoubling our efforts to bring more trains, to more places, for more people, everywhere in the U.S. – Jim Mathews, President & CEO, Rail Passengers Association”

From Trains Magazine: Anthony Haswell is an attorney who, in 1967, founded the National Association of Railroad Passengers, serving as its Chairman and Executive Director through 1974. During that time he was deeply involved in the development, refinement and enactment of the legislation which created Amtrak, testifying before numerous Congressional committees and working closely with committee staff. From 1975 to 1977, he was Managing Director of Passenger Services of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, where he assisted with the transfer of the company’s Chicago commuter trains to Metra.[1]

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Image is from interview by Jennifer Davis- Page
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Our Annual Spring Event in Review

The Silver Spike Ceremony

Honoring our history and our benefactors

Is over now, here is a recap

Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 16, 2024, KGUN9

On March 20, 1880 the Southern Pacific Railroad officially had its first train stop in Tucson. It was a moment that has helped shape the city’s history.

“When the train came in it changed everything,” Kenneth Karrels, Museum Division Chairman for the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum said. “It opened up the doors, more people came in, business and the architecture came in, the food and the culture.”

Some family members of those who helped bring the railroad here to Tucson all those years ago honored their relatives by reenacting what happened on that historic day.

Steve Ochoa emceed the event and attended with his two brothers. They are the great-grandsons of Don Estevan Ochoa who was mayor of Tucson in the 19th century. Don Estevan Ochoa also presented a silver spike from Toughnut Mine to Southern Pacific Railroad’s president to show appreciation for the company bringing the railroad to Tucson.

During the event three people were awarded for being the 2024 Silver Spike Honorees.

  • Sandy Chan-Benefactor of the Year
  • Jerry Alexander- Railroader of the Year
  • Debbie Rosenberg- Volunteer of the Year


Located on the Toole St. side of the building,
it covers building the railroad by a combination of local peoples;
the arrival ceremony in 1880;
and the tourist era in 1940s;
the latter featuring Tony Haswell.

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See KGUN-9’s video here

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See the newly filmed video on the Water Boys
who supplied the Chinese workers
building the railroad near Tucson
in our videos section

The videos can be seen here
More information is here

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End of the Line

Members and friends of the museum
who have passed

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Special Thanks to David Quakenbush, Owner of A1 Watch Repair on Broadway and
Camino  Seco who made the raffle possible by his generous raffle gift to the Museum.

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The OPT Transit Museum at S. 4 th and E. 36 th Streets
has reopened to the public.

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Arizona Daily Star’s Road Runner column features
SATM, Ken Karrels, and All Aboard Arizona Rail Passenger Association
discussing rail passenger service between Tucson and Phoenix. 

Thanks, Joe Ferguson

Read about it HERE.

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All Aboard Arizona – Rail Passenger Association

Tucson-Phoenix Commuter Service

in Road Runner here 

New links July 2021

Local mayors support Amtrak proposal for a passenger rail connecting Tucson and Phoenix
Tucson Weekly

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women engineer


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Dinner in the Diner

Featuring original china and silver service
from the named first class Pullman trains.

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And Celebrating the Movie “Oklahoma

Starring our Engine 1673

which was filmed in Elgin, AZ, and surrounding areas,

Read more  at this link:

The Arizona Star 10/29 “Caliente” Section

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