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We, the directors and volunteers of the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum, grieve the passing of DEA Group Supervisor Michael Garbo in the line of duty outside our museum.  Our prayers are also with the two other officers who were wounded, for an uneventful recovery at the hospital. We are saddened that this violence continues on trains from the many past years of history here and elsewhere.

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Welcome to Our 16th Anniversary of


See below for new Tucson-Phoenix rail links



 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

       11:00 – 3:00

Fridays, Saturdays

10:00 – 4:00


11:00 – 3:30


Admission is FREE
 We are bilingual 


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Engine 1673 welcomes
Santa and guests

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Also, our sister museum,


The OPT Transit Museum at S. 4 th and E. 36 th Streets
has reopened to the public.

The Transit Museum hours are

  • Mon., Wed. and Sat. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Gadsden-Pacific Division
Toy Train Operating Museum
Summer Recess

We will be open Sunday afternoons 1-4 pm
ending this month, till September,
to build improvements for your enjoyment

links to GPD activities here

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See Us From Anywhere

We are now on Virtual Railfan
With a YouTube address

The Camera is on 24 hours
Showing UP Mainline,
Engine 1673,
and Doc and Wyatt

In the last month we had ~300 viewers,
one of the favorite sites.

Amtrak Schedule is
# 1,21, west: Tu, Th, Sn 6:45-7:36 PM
# 2,22, east: Mo, Th, St 7:28-8:15 AM

To See Where Trains are now, go to

Rescheduling the Silver Spike-Train Day celebration we’ll try for 2021
Feel free to visit Engine 1673
anytime you want,
so she won’t be lonesome out there.


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The Big Boy 4014 has come and gone
leaving many memories and photos
send your photos and movies to us at

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Arizona Daily Star’s Road Runner column features
SATM, Ken Karrels, and All Aboard Arizona Rail Passenger Association
discussing rail passenger service between Tucson and Phoenix.

Thanks, Joe Ferguson

Read about it HERE.

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All Aboard Arizona – Rail Passenger Association

Tucson-Phoenix Commuter Service

in Road Runner here 

New links July 2021

Local mayors support Amtrak proposal for a passenger rail connecting Tucson and Phoenix
Tucson Weekly
Amtrak hosts roundtable to discuss passenger rail service-KVOA

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   see our new display cases and displays

Our current special exhibit:

Dinner in the Diner

Featuring original china and silver service
from the named first class Pullman trains.

   The Southern Arizona Transportation Museum

is proud to carry David Devine’s new book

Historic Tales of Territorial Tucson,

Did you know as early as 1871 Tucson was predicted to become “a railroad center” for the Southwest? That twenty-years later, a 400-foot-long sea serpent speaking perfect English visited the remote community? That in the 1890s, Tucson hosted a few round-the-world bicyclists, one of them a woman? These and other interesting but little-known stories of the small settlement on the banks of the Santa Cruz River are contained in a new book written by local historian David Devine

Click here for more information on this and other books
and to order this book

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We also have books by our museum historian

William Kalt III

Click on the book covers for more information

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 Gadsden-Pacific Division
Toy Train Operating Museum

Sundays till May 27
then summer rebuild
See you in September

links to GPD activities here

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And Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Movie “Oklahoma

Starring our Engine 1673

which was filmed in Elgin, AZ, and surrounding areas,

Read more  at this link:

The Arizona Star 10/29 “Caliente” Section

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