The Museum library index is now on-line. There are two data bases; the first is periodicals, including the Southern Pacific Bulletin January 1966 to September 1996; Model Railroader January 1986 to December 2005; and Trains – The Magazine of Railroading January 1975 to September 2002 .

The second file contains books, films, and other printed material. Both are in PDF format and searchable by text in your browser. Items are available for use at the museum.
Click these to see what we have:       books, etc               periodicals

Further information is at Old Pueblo Trolley. our parent organization.

 Note that we also have many books for sale, most $5 to $10

The Museum is always ready to take donations of historic and significant transportation items, especially if there is a personal significance. This would include books, tools, equipment, magazines, and other items. We also collect verbal histories of workers and their families.

Please contact us for any donations or stories at 623-2223, or come in when we are open. We are a 501-c institution and all gifts will be dully noted for your records and attribution in our collections.

We are also in need of children’s and adult books and items
(including all gage model railroad stock and equipment)
for re-sale in our gift shop



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