Centennial Arizona Railroads History



There are six historical panels done in co-ordination with the Union Pacific Centennial Train visit led by steam engine 844 in November, 2011. They outline in text and picture the arrival and evolution of the railroads and how they aided the development of agriculture-ranching, mining and industry, and tourism in Tucson and Arizona as we know it today. These are copyright by SATM and can be used only for educational and other non-profit purposes. Emblems remain the property of the individual owners. The panels are:


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1 American Settlement or the West  1854-1900.

2 Arizona Statehood  1900-1912.

3 Railroads Made it Happen  1912-1929.

4 Depression and War  1929-1946.

5 Times of Transition  1946-2012.

6 In the Future – Arizona’s Second Century


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