This page is dedicated to friends of the museum who have passed on

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We, the directors and volunteers of the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum, grieve the passing of DEA Group Supervisor Michael Garbo in the line of duty outside our museum.  Our prayers are also with the two other officers who were wounded, for an uneventful recovery at the hospital. We are saddened that this violence continues on trains from the many past years of history here and elsewhere.

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Richard Gray “Dick” Guthrie, “the trolley guy,” died peacefully at the age of 88. He attended the University of Arizona, graduating in 1955 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. At the end of his active-duty Navy time, Richard affiliated with the Naval Reserve Construction Battalion – Seabees – retiring as a Commander in 1982. Richard was privileged to have an additional career as the City of Tucson Electrical Engineer and traffic operations supervisor, known for encouraging the astronomy friendly dark-skies. In 1983, as part of the 1985 University of Arizona Centennial, Dick and W Eugene “Gene” Caywood began a ten-year effort to “bring back the streetcar,” which had been a major part of local transportation in Tucson’s early years, as Old Pueblo Trolley, Inc., our parent institution.

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