Oral History Program

Voices of Southern Arizona Railroaders is the title of the museum’s oral history project, Renée Ross, director. To date, Ms. Ross has interviewed the following railroad personnel, collecting approximately twenty-four recording hours. To read excerpts from the following individuals, click on the link.

Read the introduction by Renee Ross  – read more here–> Intro

Warren Doman, conductor  – read more here–> Doman
Winton Hall, surveyor  – read more here–> Hall
Frank Hutcheson, electrician  – read more here–> Hutcheson
R.J. Klos, yard brakeman
Eddie Pecktol, conductor  – read more here–> Pecktol
George Perkins, general chairman, SP employees  – read more here–>Perkins
Opha Probasco, assistant yardmaster
Charles Stoddard, machinist, SP officer  – read more here–>Stoddard
Sid Showalter, SP engine foreman, switchman, brakeman, conductor  – read more here–> Showalter
Julianne Hurst-Williams, engineer
Group interview: Charlotte Berry, Evelyn Nugent, Scharless Grimes, Pauline Kleiner, Janis Bennett, Stephany Brown, Mary Edwall, June Miller and Ruth Snow, members of the National Association of Railway Business Women, Tucson Chapter No. 59

Ms. Ross has transcribed and edited seven interviews representing approximately 210 pages. The Arizona Humanities Council funded most of this project.

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Share Your Railroad Stories

If you have a railroad story that you would like to share, please contact Ms. Ross at the Museum, 520-623-2223.

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